What is Country Farms Apple Cider Vinegar?

In this review, we will take a look at Country Farms Apple Cider Vinegar Liquid & Capsules. A formulation which will provide more than one benefit to the consumer, according to the manufacturer. These benefits are, promotes weight loss, proper fluid balance, supports hair and teeth health, may help prevent acid reflux, promote skin health, maintain digestive health and help support immune health.


Potassium is essential for the actual functioning of the muscles, nerves, heart, kidneys, and digestive system.

Proprietary Blend: 15 g

  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother
  • Organic Ginger Root
  • Organic Dark Maple Syrup
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and Organic Ginger Root helps to maintain a healthy alkaline pH Level, helps to regulate blood sugar, can help lower blood pressure, improves heart health,  promotes healthy detoxification of the liver and other organs, eliminates candida overgrowth, eases digestive ailments, accelerates weight loss, can help prevent osteoporosis, slows the aging process, and assists in the fight against free radical damage. Organic Cayenne Pepper may boost metabolism, helps to reduce hunger, lowers blood pressure, aids digestive health, helps relieve pain, improves Psoriasis, and reduce cancer risk.

For Country Farms Apple Cider Vinegar Liquid to be effective it should contain 1600 mg Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, plus 10 mg Bioperine for increased absorption.


It is recommended to shake the bottle well before being used. One tablespoon (15 ml) should be taken twice daily between or after meals as a dietary supplement.


The price for 16 fl oz is $10.04 from a selected distributor, as there are various distributors available online to purchase from. The manufacturer supplies a list of distributors from which the consumer may purchase the product. There are discounts available depending on which distributer the product is being purchased from. Available at Independent Nationwide Pharmacies which stock this brand.

Possible Side Effects

There is no evidence of possible side effects from the official site, but according to consumer reviews have they experienced severe heartburn.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After thorough research have we not been able to find any information on a money back guarantee from the manufacturer. This product is sold through various independent pharmacies and different distributors. The consumer will have to abide by the pharmacy or distributor’s return policy. The testimonials for this product are rated 3.5 stars.

Country Farms Apple Cider Vinegar Review – The Bottom Line

The manufacturer has made this product readily available for various distributors as well as independent pharmacies, which makes it easy for the consumer to obtain the product. The directions are clear and specific, and the testimonials are mostly positive. There is a few concern however as to the effect this product has had to certain consumers, causing severe heartburn and the fact that the formulation should contain 1600 mg Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, plus 10 mg Bioperine for increased absorption. The fact that the manufacturer is not committed to a  money back guarantee is another concern.

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