With living our busy lives, it can become tough to keep a nutritious diet, get the recommended amount of workouts, and follow a healthy lifestyle in general. Because of this, sometimes our bodies need a little extra help getting rid of excess toxins. But now, there are ways to do this from the comfort of your own home, with things you may already have in your kitchen.

When to Detox?

Sometimes it is difficult to know when our bodies need extra help, especially with detoxifying. There are simple tips to take notice of, which could be your body’s way of asking for this help. Typically, this detox occurs in the liver. Your blood naturally gets filtered 20 times every day by passing through the liver. But, after a long winter or a busy stretch at work, your liver could be sending you signals to do a detox.

Physical Signs

One of the most common signs of needing a detox is gastrointestinal problems. These could include gas, bloating, or constipation and diarrhea. An uptick in allergies or headaches could also be a sign from your liver that you have excess toxins in your body.

Emotional Signs

If you notice yourself becoming more irritable or you get angry quicker than typical, these are both signs to detox. Indecisiveness or general brain fog is another big sign. If you do start to notice any of these signs, you can try new at home remedies to help get your body back to normal.

At Home Detox

By adding simple foods or drinks to your diet, you can help reset your liver and get your body back on track. Not only will these help you get rid of excess toxins, but they could also give you the added benefit of weight loss as well! All of the following are things you most likely already have in your pantry and could be an easy way to help your body get back on track.


Found in 1941 by a naturopath, by combining lemons with cayenne pepper and Madal Bal, a tree syrup, you could help your body not only detoxify but also lose quite a bit of weight. One person who tried this detox even found they had lost 5 pounds in just three days! By getting rid of this extra weight, your liver will also be able to more effectively cleanse your blood in the future.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This simple kitchen staple has exploded recently with health benefits. By drinking a few tablespoons diluted with water three times per day, has been shown in some trials to aid in weight loss, regulating blood sugars and blood pressure, and help to kickstart a new, healthier lifestyle.


Tea has long been known as a health drink with many benefits. Cleansing your body is one of them! Depending on your tea blend, you could tailor it to your own needs. Adding elements like licorice or sweet anise could curb your sugar cravings while adding chamomile could help your body unwind at night for a better night’s sleep. Both of these added benefits can help your body get back to normal as well!


All in all, the occasional cleanse could help your body to get back on track for a healthy lifestyle. By watching for signs that your liver needs some help, you can better know when to use a detox. With simple at home remedies, you are on your way to living a better life!

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