Superfoods are all the hype. From almonds to coconut oil, health-conscious consumers are looking to superfoods as a natural way of remedying health problems. Every now and then a new superfood pops up in the limelight because of claims that it will solve all your problems. Today, Apple Cider Vinegar is gaining increasing recognition as being the key to a more fruitful life. But, is it as good as these claims suggest? Does it live up to the hype? In this article, we will provide more information about this popular product and the health benefits it may have. In doing so, you can make wiser consumer choices the next time you visit the grocery store.

What is ACV?

Before we can look at the health benefits, it is important to understand what ACV is. In short, it is a by-product of a fermentation process between apples and sugar. During the fermentation process, good bacteria feed off the sugars to form ethanol. The main role of this bacteria is to convert the ethanol into acetic acid. Acetic acid, which is the main component of ACV, is the ingredient that is said to deliver the wonderful benefits. ACV is not a new product. It has been around for centuries and forms an intrinsic part of traditional healing practices. However, recently it is gaining popularity because of the many surfacing studies.

What Are the Health Claims?

1) Supports Weight Loss

Evidence suggests that consuming ACV directly impacts bodily functions necessary for burning fat. They state that acetic acids ability to block the digestion of starch is a key contributing factor. This is because it reduces the rate at which the body absorbs calories and stores fat. However, further studies report that the fat burning potential is very low. In saying so, ACV may be used alongside a conscious eating plan and exercise to deliver optimal results. Another weight loss supporting benefit is its ability to suppress an individual’s appetite. As a result, it can prevent weight gain from overeating.

2) Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

As we have mentioned, ACV inhibits the digestion of heavy starch. Beyond the weight loss potential, this can lead to reduced blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it has been shown to positively affect insulin sensitivity. Hence, inhibit insulin resistance. This means that insulin will properly regulate blood sugar levels. By keeping levels low, acetic acid can prevent sugar spikes and cardiovascular disease. However, this applies to all vinegar products containing it. Not just Apple Cider Vinegar. In saying so, it may prove beneficial but is not the only option available.

3) Rich in Potassium

In short, ACV does not contain high quantities of potassium. Especially in comparison with other produce. ACV generally contains 11mg of potassium per serving. The recommended dietary intake is between 2800mg and 3800mg per day. Therefore, you would need to drink a substantial amount. This is not a great idea as the highly acidic profile of it may lead to adverse side effects.

Is Drinking It Worth It?

The reasons to consume it are not completely compelling. This is because there is still a lot of research to be done and what we do know is very limited. There are most certainly benefits of drinking it, however, one cannot completely rely on it to deliver optimal health effects. Consuming ACV should be done alongside a well-curated meal plan and exercise.

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